CSIS Global Security Forum: Will East Meet West along Silk Road?

“We’re seeing a series of potentially important geopolitical rivalries developing in Eurasia. In my view it’s not so much a matter of connectivity between the Far East and the West…but more a matter of determining which way that central space between contemporary Russia and China evolves. And the early indications suggest to me that what we are witnessing is in fact the progressive expansion of Chinese influence – benign, cooperative, but obviously self-serving.  It’s also interesting to note that occurs in a context in which current Russian leadership under Mr. Putin has very vigorously embraced this idea of a `Eurasian Union.’ A Union in which he is trying to engage not only central Asian states, but newly independent post-Soviet States to the West, namely Belarus and Ukraine. Neither of which wants to be part of that union, because they understand what it means.”

                                                  Zbigniew Brzezinski, CSIS Counselor and Trustee

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